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Scaling ABX requires a comprehensive tech stack. Ignitium supports the technology your already use and fills in the gaps with partner technologies to help you run best-in-class programs.

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Who We Integrate With

Maximize the value of your existing account-based tech stack with Ignitium orchestrators.

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“Ignitium is one of the leading agencies for scaling ABM and is a partner that we recommend for building out an account-based strategy.”

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John Miller

CMO at Demandbase

(previously co-founder at Engagio & Marketo)

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Integrate Salesforce’s comprehensive CRM platform to drive targeted engagement and optimize sales processes.

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Leverage LinkedIn’s professional networking platform to target and engage key decision-makers, and expand reach.

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Combine powerful inbound marketing tech from HubSpot to attract, engage, and convert your target accounts with precision.

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Leverage Marketo’s marketing automation to create personalized, data-driven campaigns that drive engagement.

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Utilize Outreach’s sales engagement platform to engage prospects with personalized, multi-channel interactions to accelerate sales cycles

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Combine Pardot’s marketing automation prowess to craft precise, data-driven campaigns that actively engage prospects.

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Utilize Sendoso’s direct mail and gifting platform to create personalized, memorable experiences that engage target accounts.

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Blend Terminus’ account-based advertising solutions to execute precise, cross-channel campaigns that optimize engagement and drive revenue.

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Employ Influ2’s personalized advertising platform to create hyper-targeted campaigns that engage decision-makers and drive measurable results.

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Harness ZoomInfo’s comprehensive B2B data solutions to deliver highly targeted, data-driven campaigns that engage key prospects and drive revenue.

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Integrate Qualified’s conversational marketing platform to create personalized, real-time conversations with prospects and accelerate sales cycles.

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Use Regie.ai’s conversational AI platform to deliver personalized, automated conversations that engage prospects and drive revenue.

Accelerate your results by partnering with a solution provider that’s 100% focused on leveraging ABX tech & best practices to drive pipeline.

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