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As a complete solution provider, ABX isn’t just one of our areas of expertise; it’s our sole and unwavering focus. Unlike other agencies that dabble in various marketing approaches, ABX is at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you’re venturing into ABX for the first time or aiming to elevate your existing program, Ignitium is ready to partner with you for your success!

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Audience Identification and Targeting

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Reach key decision-makers in your highest-value accounts to maximize ROI. Engage prospects directly with relevant messages, increasing the likelihood of conversion and building stronger, long-lasting relationships through our Account-Based Ads.

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Engage your audience on a personal level with our People-Based Ads. Harness the power of first-party data and advanced customer profiling to create a highly tailored experience for each individual. Foster a more meaningful connection.

icon of man standing next to a bullseye showing account and person level intent signals


With our Intent-Based Leads, you can reach out to those who are most likely researching relevant pain points and engaging with your ads anonymously. Target the right people with the right personalized message at the right time by leveraging our account and person level intent signals.

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Effectively reach and engage specific buying group segments by delivering personalized messages and tailored offers with Audience Targeting. Connect with the right audience, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

Ad Platforms and Campaign Management

LinkedIn Ads

Maximize your reach and impact with LinkedIn Ads

  • Reach key decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Send personalized messages that address pain points
  • Share valuable content to establish leadership and credibility
  • Retarget decision-makers even after they leave your website
  • Track engagement, click-through rates, and conversions at the account level
  • Identify and build relationships with key prospects
  • Align marketing and sales efforts
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Facebook Ads

Leverage Facebook’s reach, cost-effectiveness,  and content distribution features to generate demand from buying groups at target accounts.

Google Ads

Google offers unparalleled reach, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind, increases visibility among target accounts, and significantly boosts your overall marketing efforts.

Campaign Automation

Streamline your ABX efforts, save valuable time, and optimize resources with campaign automation, such as lead nurturing, content distribution, and personalized messaging.

Data Management and Insights

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Buyer Intent Data

Seize the lead! Leverage comprehensive buyer insights to empower your sales team to effectively connect with prospects who are actively seeking your product or solution, and are primed to purchase.

Prioritization Dashboards

Strategically allocate your marketing resources towards the most valuable accounts, optimizing the impact of your marketing and sales efforts with prioritization dashboards.

Data Enrichment

Enhance your account records by adding valuable information, such as firmographic and technographic data, to enable more precise segmentation and identify patterns and characteristics that lead to better intent signals.

Predictive Analytics

Acquire valuable insights to identify high-value accounts, prioritize efforts, personalize content, and improve overall sales and marketing efficiency with Predictive Analytics.

Composable CDP

Access comprehensive, unified, and real-time data that offers a 360-degree view of your target accounts. Our composable CDP empowers your sales and marketing teams to make strategic and informed decisions.

Job Alerts

Adapt and respond quickly to engage with new decision-makers or address potential challenges from personnel changes in real-time with Job Alerts.

Content and Web Personalization

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Web Personalization

Deliver a customized experience to your audience, effortlessly providing relevant content without the need for IT assistance. Seamlessly adapt your go-to-market strategy and keep up with the ever-evolving market landscape through website personalization.

  • Enhance relevance and engagement
  • Improve user experience
  • Accelerate purchase journey
  • Personalize calls-to-action
  • Create consistency across channels
  • Stand out from the competition

Content Syndication

Extend the reach and impact of your content to a broader audience of target accounts by distributing and sharing content through third-party platforms and networks.

Sales Engagement and Direct Marketing

Sales Chrome Extension

Create personalized content at scale, enhance engagement, and drive better results by leveraging the power of generative AI with our Sales Chrome Extension.

  • Generate and send customized sales messages instantly
  • Create a structured environment for BDRs to hyper personalize emails at scale by persona and product
  • Steer clear of costly errors
sales chrome extension. Illustration of two people working together in a browser using Ignitium's chrome extension

Sales Engagement Cadences

Reduce decision-making fatigue and empower sales reps to focus on building relationships rather than worrying about what comes next.

Direct Mail

From custom messages to branded materials, you can create an attention-grabbing physical experience that resonates with decision-makers on a more personal level.


Empower sales reps to focus on high-impact activities, streamline decision-making, and eliminate duplication for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Channel Enablement

Channel Enablement

Equip your channel partners with Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and a turn-key ABX solution that’s designed to drive pipeline from target accounts.

  • Account & contact selection using Intent data
  • Convey consistency in messaging
  • Increase touchpoint frequency with multi-channel engagement
  • Streamline the sales process and reduce manual tasks
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest best-practices, approaches and tactics
  • Get real-time analytics and insights
  • Easily adapt outreach strategy based on target-account behaviors
  • ABX tech under a quarterly contract
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Customer Interaction and Engagement

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Chat Bots

Elevate customer engagement, personalization, and operational efficiency by facilitating instant, real-time interactions with your potential leads and existing customers.

  • Give round-the-clock customer interaction and satisfaction
  • Deliver personalized experiences
  • Capture valuable data on customer interactions and preferences
  • Proactively follow up with prospects
  • Address common queries and issues
  • Reduce friction in booking meetings directly with account owners

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Automate repetitive tasks such as email campaigns, lead scoring, and content distribution. By reducing manual work, your marketing teams can focus on strategic activities and allocate their time and resources more efficiently.

  • Maximize touchpoints and reinforce messaging
  • Identify the most qualified and high-priority accounts
  • Automate lead nurturing based on predefined criteria and triggers
  • Enable sales and marketing to work cohesively with automated workflows
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