Sendoso helps companies accelerate sales and retain customers with gifts and rewards. Sendoso’s cloud-based gifting platform centralizes all gifting outreach touches and gives companies the ability to send eGifts for Coffee, Lunch, Tickets, Wine, Rides, Swag, Visa/Amex Cards, Handwritten Notes, Experiences, Sales Kits, and custom gifts. Sendoso automates delivery/fulfillment, simplifies ROI reporting, intelligently suggests recipients, and includes seamless integrations into Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot, Pardot, and many others.

While Sendoso's platform provides the direct mail automation for ABM, Ignitium's consultants help design and manage the account-based campaigns.

As the leading ABM Orchestration Agency, Ignitium helps high-growth and enterprise organization have the right strategy, technology, campaigns, people, and processes in place to maximize the impact of your Sendoso investment. To learn more, schedule a Free Consultation.

ABX Orchestration as a Service

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