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Ignitium, Marketing Automation & You.

Marketing Automation is cutting edge technology, so finding an agency with qualified expertise around Marketing, Technology, and Sales is foundational for success. If you are ready to explore Marketing Automation, you are in good hands. We’re here to help ignite your Digital Revenue Machine.

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We combine our creativity, scientific processes, business expertise and marketing technology skills to generate more qualified traffic to your website and internet properties.

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Once you have enough Prospects you need to convert them to leads. Is your website converting for you automatically? Are you nurturing leads and making them sales-ready?

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How does a lead become a sale for your business? Can the process be automated? Take control of your sales pipeline and push highly qualified, sales-ready leads to your sales force.

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Marketing automation makes it easier for marketers to manage, measure, and optimize the customer experience through all stages of the conversion funnel: from lead generation, scoring, and nurturing to qualification, closed deals, and repeat sales. It allows marketers to attribute marketing spend to revenue because it can track each prospect's activity from initial engagement through lead conversion and beyond.

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Marketing Technology

We know you’d like to build marketing technology stack from scratch, using the perfect technology set up. And 5% of the time, that might be what happens. But you may be more like 95% of the companies out there, where marketing is stuck adapting to a CRM you didn’t pick and doesn’t easily integrate. Or some other legacy scenario. That’s fine with us. We just make marketing things work. Beautifully.

Louis Litt

Louis is creative director of the Advertising Make Sense inc. He is responsible for the lastest award winning commercials.

We've tried to find the right creative tools in the past, but now we've found your products, the search ends. Thanks.


Mike Ross

Mike is an intern of the Global Important Business Group. He works together with Rachel Zane to improve the workflow.

After recommending your products for the company, I will get a very good job offer when I finish my internship.