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    Salesforce Consulting

    Our consultants help you harness the power of your data by uncovering the secrets of your pathway to purchase and customer life cycle.

Salesforce Consulting

To maximize the power of your marketing automation and account-based marketing platforms, you must integrate them with a true customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Having a complete set of tools in your marketing toolbox helps you to understand your sales pipeline intimately and allows you to attribute revenue from new deals to the marketing campaigns generating them.

Salesforce.com has set the bar high as the industry standard for customer relationship management platforms. From small to enterprise-level organizations, Salesforce offers scalable solutions that meet the needs of any business. This CRM is highly customizable and boasts the largest inventory of third party applications on their App Exchange to enhance the functionality and customization of their tool.

After your Salesforce instance is set up, one of our Salesforce consultants will work with your business development representatives to gain an understanding of your sales process and tailor the Salesforce data structure to align with your processes. We will then train your sales team in best practices to ensure they are collecting key data on your leads, contact, and opportunities in a standardized way.

Once your sales team begins collecting data, we will develop reports and dashboards to give you visibility into your performance on a daily basis. Having your hands on this data will help you to prioritize your sales pipeline more efficiently. Finally, our consultants will equip one of your team members to administer your Salesforce instance, providing you with the ability to customize your Salesforce account as the needs of your organization grow and change over the course of time.

Ignitium's 6 Phase Process

Ignitium's Salesforce consultants take a six-step process to ensure a successful implementation of your Salesforce instance. We offer opportunities for you to provide your input at every step of the way. The services included in your package are a needs assessment, data architecture plan, license and feature alignment, prototyping making adjustments, training, and ongoing assistance after you go live.

#1 SCOPE:Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Before we begin working on your instance of Salesforce, our consultants meet with your team to conduct a series of process mapping sessions. Gaining the insight of your key stakeholders helps us better understand the needs of your company in relation to your current operations.

#2 DESIGN:  Create a Plan

Create a Plan

After we fully understand the needs of your business, we begin working on a design for your Salesforce instance. We like to put you in the driver's seat, so before we move forward, we will provide you with a detailed roadmap of our suggested solutions, included a customized development plan should it be deemed necessary.

#3 PROTOTYPE:  Take it for a Spin

Take it for a Spin

Before going live with your customizations, we will get you behind the wheel and take it for a test drive. We want to make sure everything is working correctly, and you get the functionality and user experience that maximizes the return on your Salesforce instance. We find involving our clients in this step reduces the anxiety of adopting a new technology and is a more cost-effective way to identify potential glitches before we go live.

#4 REFINE:  Make Adjustments

Make Adjustments

Primary to a successful roll-out of Salesforce is making adjustments at every checkpoint along the way. We build automatic checks and balances into our development plan to ensure we work with your team to tease out any deviations from your expectations regarding usability, functionality, integration, and alignment with the company's objectives.

#5 TRAIN:  Equipping for Success

Equipping for Success

To maximize the adoption of the Salesforce instance, our consultants will create a training plan incorporating your company culture with best practices for using the platform. Our dedicated team will equip your team across the entire customer life-cycle with hands-on, small sized classes and simulations to prepare them well for your go-live date.

#6 SUPPORT:  Ongoing Assistance

Ongoing Assistance

We don't cut the cords once your Salesforce instance has gone live. We provide ongoing assistance to make sure you are making the most out of your CRM technology. We make it our goal to improve the performance of your marketing and sales teams, ensure your users fully adopt the technology, and maximize the return on your Salesforce investment. We also provide these same services for organizations with an existing Salesforce instance who are looking for training and support to extend their adoption and usage of the tool.

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