• Transform Your Marketing

    Transform Your Marketing

    Let marketing automation do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers and optimize your sales and marketing funnels.

Marketing Automation: Technology for Modern Marketing

In just ten years, the marketing world has been turned upside down with the power technology has brought to the playing field. Information availability has transformed the way buyers shop and has created a need to deliver high-value content when consumers are actively seeking your solutions. 

Since customers aren't making purchasing decisions the way they made them ten years ago, today's marketer must change the way they market. These changes require a thorough knowledge of modern technologies to help grab the attention of your prospects, establish your thought leadership and expertise, and deliver customized content that shines a spotlight on your solutions. Marketing automation is the answer.

Buyer Behaviors

Buyer Behaviors

Modern marketing platforms provide ways for you to track how your prospects are interacting with your brand in terms of click throughs, web page visits, asset downloads, and email opens. These marketing signals provide you with valuable details on where your prospects are in their pathway to purchase so you fill their need for information at a time when they need it most.

Enhance Your Relationships

Enhance Your Relationships

Similar to popular dating websites, marketing automation makes it possible for you to connect with the ideal prospects and make them feel special in a way that builds a relationship with them over time. Marketing automation collects data on your visitors and uses it to send personal messages, exhibiting your investment in a trusting and valuable relationship. The power of marketing automation extends beyond the purchase well into the customer journey, ensuring your current customers receive special offers for upgrades remain delighted enough to endorse your solutions.

Accelerate Your Pipeline

Accelerate Your Pipeline

Tracking the behaviors of your prospects through their entire buyer's journey gives you the ability to launch inbound campaigns that develop trust, remove any resistance they have, and encourage them to take the leap and purchase. Marketing automation turns up the heat to convert more leads, close bigger sales, and ramp up your revenue generation.

Spread the Word on Multiple Channels

Spread the Word on Multiple Channels

Getting your message in front of the right audience is more challenging than ever with the multitude of places they go for information. Marketing automation shares your messaging with personas wherever they are by making it easy to post on social media, YouTube, and via email from one convenient platform. Thankfully, this one-stop-shopping approach doesn't require additional resources and is scalable for even the largest organizations.

Get Ahead of the Crowd

Companies that have adopted marketing automation out-perform those that haven’t.

Don't get left behind with the those who haven't adopted marketing automation. Without the digital infrastructure of a marketing automation platform, it is nearly impossible to manage, maintain, measure, and optimize your marketing and sales funnels. Make sure you get noticed by your prospects, earlier on in their purchasing process. Today's buyers are more impatient and savvy than ever. Stay on top of their mind by levering the power of marketing automation.

A quarter of all B2B Fortune 500 companies are already using marketing automation, along with 76% of the world’s largest SaaS companies. (Pardot)
77% of CMOs at top performing companies indicate that their most compelling reason for implementing marketing automation is to increase revenue. (Gleanster)
Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads. (The Annuitas Group)
84% of top performing companies are using or plan to start using marketing automation between 2012 and 2015. (Gleanster)
Marketing automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. (Nucleus Research)
By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human. (Gartner Research)
Relevant emails sent with marketing automation software drive 18 times more revenue than just email blasts. (HubSpot)
91% of users believe that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels. (Marketo)
Marketing automation users have seen an average increase of sales revenues by 34%. (Pardot)
Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. (Gartner Research)
Gartner estimates a 15% savings on creative production with marketing automation. (Gartner Research)
89% of marketers said email was their primary channel for lead generation. (Forrester Research)

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Aligning your sales and marketing teams accelerates your pipeline by ensuring consistent messaging along the entire buyer's journey. Marketing automation platforms provide your marketing team with valuable data on sales-readiness, so prospects are not handed off to the sales team until they are ready to buy. Qualifying leads free up your sales team to focus on the highest value prospects instead of chasing leads that will never turn into a deal. Aligning your teams builds trust and increases the buy-in of the entire team.

Demonstrate the Return on Investment

Demonstrate the Return on Investment

With marketing automation, it is possible to get a complete view of how your campaigns and various channels are performing. With this level of detail, you can demonstrate the return your organization is gaining from the investment in your strategies. Marketing automation technology tracks every little detail down to the conversion paths of individual users, making it easier for your sales team to approach them when the time is just right. It also attributes revenue to the channels and campaigns that are converting so you can tie your success directly to the source.



One of the biggest concerns with a growing company is scalability. With a tool that efficiently tracks the data associated with your leads, contacts, and marketing campaigns, you can analyze the results in a scalable way. Whether your workflow and email nurturing automation programs have 1 or 1,000,000 contacts, our solutions are built to handle countless data points with ease.

Consolidate Your Marketing Technology Stack

Consolidate Your Marketing Technology Stack

Popular marketing automation platforms give you the ability to integrate all your marketing technologies under one roof. By consolidating your software into one platform, you can send automated emails, publish on social media, create landing pages, and analyze their performance all from one dashboard. With one simple login, you gain access to your portfolio of tools, without the hassle of remembering ten different passwords.

Marketing Automation Features and Tools

Transform how you engage with prospects and buyers.

Email Marketing

Twenty years ago direct mail used to be the ticket, but with the advent of email automation, you can turn your campaigns into a revenue-generating machine. Email outperforms all other methods of digital marketing because it is simple to use, personalizes your messaging, has A/B testing capabilities, and drives measurable results. Getting your first project up and running takes just a few hours, and you'll be reaping the benefits in no time.

Search Engine Marketing

Eight out of every ten buyers get help from a search engine when they start off looking to purchase a product or service. Marketing automation tools put your solutions in the spotlight right at the time when your prospects are looking to solve a problem.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media nowadays. Smart marketers take advantage of the reach of social media to educate, inform and engage prospects. Marketing automation tools make publishing, connecting with your followers, finding new audiences, lead generation and increasing sales via social media a simpler process. It works by hosting a place where you can engage your future customers on all the social media channels from one convenient platform.

Forms and Landing Pages

Create the path of least resistance for your prospects as they move through the buyer's journey with forms and landing pages. Marketing automation provides the tools to develop customized landing pages and forms convert so well you will swear a pro designed it. You won't need any specialized training to start using these streamlined tools, and once you start using them, you'll never go back.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is a lot like dating. Over the course of time, you send consistent messages to your prospects to woo them in the direction of purchasing your solutions. Being strategic in your messaging makes it impactful, and marketing automation streamlines the process to make it doable. Programming your marketing automation platform to deliver the right messaging to your prospects at just the right moments, makes it easy to identify when you need to exit them from the program and hand the qualified prospect off to your sales team. Customized lead nurturing programs courts your prospects automatically, so you don't have to.

Lead Scoring

Not every prospect is primed and ready to make a purchase the first time they land on your website. Enable your sales team to get their timing right by having your marketing implement lead scoring. Marketing automation tracks the online and offline behavior of your prospects to look for signals of sales-readiness. Automation platforms assign both positive and negative values to certain actions to qualify them for the sales team.

Automation Programs

Once you get your automated programs set up, technology will do most of the work for you. While you sit back and watch your campaigns perform, you can learn from the results and optimize your programs to improve performance over time. The resulting efficiencies and cost savings to your company will substantiate the return on your marketing automation investment before you know it. Automating everything from triggered emails, drip campaigns, serving dynamic content, and automatic email alerts, the capabilities are endless.

Monitoring Visitors

How smart is your website? Is it tracking and learning from your users' behaviors? Imagine the improvements you could make if only you knew how visitors were interacting with your content. Monitoring your visitors is not only possible but is built into marketing automation platforms that cookie your visitors to gain valuable information about who they are, where they are coming from and tracks their online and offline behaviors, looking for signals of sales-readiness. Marketing automation programs use the data to deliver highly relevant content to the prospect to guide them along their buyer's journey and then hands them off to sales when the time is right.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is almost like looking into a crystal ball. Using a smaller sample size, you can test the performance of your landing pages, forms, and emails to see which variables resonate better with your audience. Marketing automation simplifies this process so you can leverage real data to optimize your campaigns before you launch them on a grander scale.

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