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    Lead Scoring

    Prioritize leads coming through the pipeline to help focus your sales team on closing the ‘right leads at the right time’

Lead Scoring Services

The goal of every marketer is to deliver sales-ready leads to the sales team. Once lead scoring helps marketers segment leads in the pipeline by their sales-readiness, they are given to the sales team at just the right time—when they’ve shown signs that they’re about ready to purchase. The marketing qualification process frees up your sales team to spend time and precious resources on closing your high-value leads with a higher probability of becoming customers. Having a lead scoring strategy in place will help your organization realize these efficiencies and our agency is ready to make that happen for you.

Things to Consider with Lead Scoring

Things to Consider with Lead Scoring

Identifying the individual types of leads you attract, understanding their online and offline behaviors, and determining the categories they fall under, are important factors for lead qualification. Some behaviors may even indicate the need for a negative lead score. Although there are many elements involved with lead scoring, our team assists you with development and launch of a comprehensive lead scoring strategy. Some of the factors we may include in your plan are:

  • Alignment of your company’s lead scoring program with the appropriate technologies. We leverage the integration of your marketing automation platform in tandem with your CRM to optimize your lead scoring system.

  • Take a holistic approach to lead scoring by reviewing the behavior of all the activity impacting qualification: website visits, form submission, content downloads, custom events, and email interactions. Having a system in place that integrates data collected from all these sources equips your marketing team to qualify leads better for your sales team.

  • Automating communication between marketing and sales to quickly and efficiently send triggered email alerts when leads meet qualification criteria.

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