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    Growth-Driven Design

    Maximize your website's potential with Growth Driven Design and turn it into a revenue growth machine.

Growth-Driven Web Design

You’ll never turn back to the old way of web development once you experience the power of growth-driven web design. After the initial roll-out of your new website, we don’t just set it and forget it. With continuous website testing, analysis, and routine optimization, we make ongoing improvements to ensure you maximize the return on your website investment. This innovative process for web design is changing the online landscape and producing phenomenal results for our clients. By maximizing the lead generating power with web design that is constantly evolving, websites can be transformed into revenue generating machines.

One of the greatest advantages of growth driven design is making continuous quality improvements, which translates into an increase in higher quality conversions. This form of smart marketing is transforming the online environment and is growing business at an impressive rate.

Growth Driven Design vs. Traditional Design 

See the difference between GDD and traditional design for yourself.
Here's how the two measure up against one another:

  GDD Traditional
Custom Responsive Design x x
Customer Persona Build Out x x
Cost Effective, Low Upfront Investment x  
Quick to Launch x  
Small Time Commitment x  
Design Influenced by User Data x  
Consistent Website Optimization Focusing on ROI x  
Maximizes Your Inbound Marketing Results x  
Works Closely with Marketing & Sales on a Monthly Basis x  

The Growth Driven Design Process


After you decide to move forward with growth driven design, our team works with you to create a design plan that aligns with your organization goals. Built into this strategy is a set of checks and balances to measure and validate the results of the design. Once you finalize the plan, it is time to implement, followed by additional discovery and fine-tuning before we begin building your site.


When we build your website, we start with the bare necessities and go from there. Starting with addressing your immediate needs, we construct a Beta site which is tested and reassessed. During this phase, we collect data on many variables, including the insight of users. The design evolves into the next iterations using this information.

Managed Optimization

We review the performance and form hypotheses for improvements to make small adjustments—one variable at a time. This methodical approach to building the website results in your pages reaching its full potential.

Beta Website

Beta Website

Most organizations dread a website redesign because of the high costs and lengthy timelines it entails and become overwhelmed by the prospect of a seemingly complicated development process. Redesigning a website shouldn’t be that difficult. Ignitium’s team works side by side with your team to design and develop a superb springboard for your site. Incorporating a responsive website that works on all mobile devices, we will nail your messaging and target your audience using a well-defined pathway to purchase. Even better, we ensure your design is optimized for SEO to maximize your opportunities for conversions. Every time we create a Beta site, our goal is to provide your users with a refined and effortless experience that satisfies their needs by delivering excellent content that puts your solutions in the spotlight.

Let Your Users Help Improve the Site

Let Your Users Help Improve the Site

Once we’ve launched the site, we keep an eye on how your users are interacting with it. We pay attention to the information your users engage with, which content interests them, and which pages convert most. We use this data to form ideas about what changes can be made to recapture lost conversions. Our web analysts gather this valuable behavioral data using cutting edge marketing technology. These tools allow us to analyze patterns and understand the performance of your Beta site. As we learn more from your website visitors, our team works with you, providing routine reports with our recommendations for improvement, to ensure your decisions for making changes to the site are data-driven and well-informed.

Optimization & Enhancement

Optimization & Enhancement

Collecting user data provides a way for us to enhance the design of each page. We use this information to determine the optimal placement for design for premium assets and calls-to-action. Digging into this data also helps us understand how we can augment your conversion funnel to accelerate your pipeline. The advice we provide using this data is always alighted to your organization goals to develop a growth strategy for your website that places an emphasis on your customers, and ultimately, ramps up your digital revenue generating machine.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

The performance-centric methodology of growth driven design is turning the web design world upside down. It’s the process of growth-driven design that sets it apart from its predecessor: strategize, build, test and transfer. This process allows your website to evolve continuously in an effective and cost-efficient way, giving you more bang for your buck. You will maximize the return on investment by making sure your visitors take the shortest and easiest route through their buyer’s journey.

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