• LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn Advertising

    When paying $20 to $30 per click, you want to make sure the clicks are coming from the right people at target accounts who are currently in-market for your solution.

LinkedIn Advertising with Intent Data

As a pure-play Account-Based Marketing agency with experience using various B2B advertising tech, LinkedIn Ads have proven to be the best platform for generating leads and engagement from key people at target accounts. Effectively marketing on LinkedIn requires an intimate knowledge of your target audience coupled with the ability to optimize ad content with effective audience targeting. Strategically implementing your LinkedIn campaigns will take things up a notch for your business.

When Ignitium sets up LinkedIn advertising campaigns, we look at the technographic, firmographic, and 3rd-party intent data of your ideal customers to create a predictive model for not only generating highly qualified leads, but to actually drive quick revenue for your organization. Our ABM analysts look beyond optimizing peformance at the segment level. We analyze account-level impressions and clicks, Bombora intent data, anonymous web traffic and CRM data to get the best results. Get a free predictive model on your target list and account-level LinkedIn ad engagement for the last 6 months by filling out the consultation form below. 

What's So Great About LinkedIn Advertising

What's So Great About LinkedIn Advertising

One of the best advantages of using LinkedIn for your advertising is the ability to pinpoint the placement of your ads directly to the individuals and businesses in need of your products and services. Although this form of marketing resides higher in the marketing funnel than intent-driven tools such as Google AdWords, LinkedIn's capacity to market directly to key decision makers makes it the preferred channel for B2B marketing and account nurturing. With Ignitium's intent data, you can get similar results on LinkedIn as you do with Google Adwords.

There are a variety of ways that LinkedIn allows you to target your ads. Campaigns can be targeted by: location, the company's name, job titles, roles within the organization, seniority, educational institution attended, specific skill-sets, in addition to the usual demographics like age and gender.

After designing the optimal audience, LinkedIn allows you to monitor the results of your campaign to ensure it is resonating well. This feature provides the insight needed to keep continuously improving all the variables to optimize it for performance.

How to Know if LinkedIn is the Right Choice for You

How to Know if LinkedIn is the Right Choice for You

Targeting the proper audience sounds like an excellent idea, but pulling this off requires an intimate knowledge of the audience. The better you understand them, the more precision your campaigns will have. The end results are increased profits to your organization. To begin building your target audience it is important to ask yourself the following questions: Consider the following questions:
  • What does my ideal account look like (size, industry, geography, alexa rank)?
  • Do these accounts use any specific tech (CRM, Hosted Email, Marketing Automation)?
  • What job title does my target audience have?
  • Does my target audience have any specific skill sets or interests?
  • Where is my target audience's role in their organizational chart (IT, Marketing, Sales, Legal)?
  • What type of position does my target audience have in their company (CXO, VP, Director, Manager)?
If any of these questions resonates with your business, LinkedIn advertising is going to make and excellent fit for you to place your ads.

The Ignitium Difference

The Ignitium Difference

Ignitium is ready to create an intent-based LinkedIn campaign for your organization. Similar to all PPC campaigns, LinkedIn ads requires routine maintenance. Our team monitors and maintains our clients' LinkedIn campaigns weekly and works diligently to optimize the ads and target audiences to ensure a cost efficient and highly profitable result.

Ignitium's team takes a hands-on approach and will give your LinkedIn campaigns everything needed to be successful. Begin taking advantage of LinkedIn advertising's power today, by contacting one of our skilled team members.

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