• Data Analysis and Optimization

    Data Analysis and Optimization

    Discover how you can accelerate your ABM initiative by optimizing your data analysis for target accounts.

Data Analysis and Optimization

At the core of account-based marketing are analytics. When we know what messaging is resonating with what people through which channels, we can customize and refine your marketing for superior results. And that’s just the beginning.

Analytics guide a well-planned ABM strategy. With proper analysis of data, we can determine which accounts are engaged, what content they are consuming, what pages of your website they are visiting, and more.

Analytics provide recommendations for marketing activities to help drive a purchase decision while providing actionable insights for the sales team.

For many companies, the problem lies in digging through the data and applying relevant insights to strategic next moves. Plus, timely insights can lead to marketing activities that translate directly to faster sales. Miss that data and potentially miss closing a deal.

Ignitium was born on analytics and we’d love to tell you everything we know… or just handle everything for you so you never have to worry about missing an intent signal from a target account.