• Account-Based Website Personalization

    Account-Based Website Personalization

    Discover how you can accelerate your ABM initiative by optimizing your website for target accounts.

Account-Based Website Personalization

Show your prospects that you've invested in them. ABM Tech makes it easy to personalize your website and advertise with content that's unique to each high-value account or segment at scale.

Jane is the COO of a Fortune 1000 company. She’s one of the decisionmakers when it comes to purchasing and implementing new technology at his company. She’s on your target account list and a sale would represent a 7-figure win for your business.

She’s seen your business on LinkedIn and noticed the engaging comments you’ve made on her shared posts.

She’s about to visit your website to see exactly what it is you have to offer.

What will she see?

Generic content that may apply to a wide range of industries? Or, even worse, information that doesn’t apply to her needs at all?

What Jane needs to see is a customized page that addresses her specific pain points and offers solutions to the problems she faces in her industry.

This engages Jane. She reads a blog post. She downloads a white paper.

Your marketing technology sees all of this as it happens and, at just the right moment, Jane receives an email, or maybe a phone call, which convinces her to schedule a meeting with you and her team to discuss your product.

Even better, her entire team has also engaged with your company online due to effective account based advertising and will go into the meeting aware of your brand.

That’s the kind of win that website personalization can offer, and we can make it happen for you. How? Let’s talk about it.