• Account-Based Social Selling & Marketing

    Account-Based Social Selling & Marketing

    Discover how you can accelerate your ABM initiative by optimizing your social channels for target accounts.

Account-Based Social Selling

Building trust is key to landing big sales wins. Social selling is less about selling, and more about social. Build relationships, demonstrate thought leadership, and win the trust of key influencers in target accounts.

There are no shortcuts to building trust. It takes at least 50 touches for a persona at a target account to become familiar with your brand when he or she has never heard of it. Your challenge is to not only become familiar to the decision makers at your target accounts, but to become their trusted business partner of choice.

How many touches will that require? How much time will it take and on what channels, with what messaging?

We’ll work with your team to customize a plan specific to your goals and target accounts. The results? You’ll capture the attention of influencers at both existing and potential clients, giving your sales and marketing teams easier access to the people who make buying decisions.

Ready to be social, and get the sale? Let’s talk about how that might look for your company.