• Engage Target Accounts with Account-Based Advertising

    Engage Target Accounts with Account-Based Advertising

Terminus ABM Consultancy

Terminus is the first technology of its kind, providing an account based marketing platform that transforms the way marketers deliver their messaging at scale. Match your ideal customer profile (ICP) and account personas with Terminus' data pool of over 200 million data points to launch your campaigns quickly. The reporting functionality displays metrics that allow you to monitor your performance down to the individual account level. 

While the Terminus platform provides the infrastructure for account-based advertising, Ignitium's consultants help design and manage the account-based campaigns as well as normalize ad click engagement across Terminus, LinkedIn and Facebook. If you are looking for an enterprise wide ABM deployment, you'll need a partner who can help recommend and implement the right tech. As a pure-play ABM agency, Ignitium helps high-growth and enterprise organization have the right strategy, technology, campaigns, content, budget, people, and processes in place to maximize the impact of your ABM investment. To learn more, schedule a Free Consultation.

Account-Based Advertising

Deliver the right message to the right personas at best-fit accounts — without contact data or a visit to your website.

Right Accounts

Right Accounts

Serve digital ads to only your best-fit accounts.

Built for B2B marketers, Terminus will engage the right people at your target accounts. No contact data required. Simply select target accounts. Terminus finds the people in those companies and serves them your ads across web, mobile, video, and social channels. Easily launch advertising campaigns to only your target accounts:


Right People

Right People

Differentiate messaging by persona

Deliver different messaging and creative to each persona at your target accounts. No need to have their contact data in your CRM. Want to promote a white paper to Directors of IT Ops? Entice the C-Suite and VPs with an ROI calculator? No problem.

Right Message

Right Message

Drive meaningful engagement with target accounts

Terminus provides flexibility and control over your advertising. Add, change, and test creative as often as needed to ensure you deliver the right message. Our customers regularly see CTRs at 3 – 5x industry averages. We offer the advertising features you need to ensure you deliver the right message with:

  • Premium media placements at a fraction of the cost of an agency
  • Support all major ad sizes including HTML5 and video
  • Ad creation and personalization assistance
  • Ad heatmap reporting
  • A/B test ad creative
  • And more…

Right Time

Right Time

Automate engagement based on customer buying stage

With our robust Salesforce integration, you can create dynamic audiences in Terminus based on criteria from your CRM. Similar to email drip campaigns, create rules to trigger digital advertising campaigns. Easily serve the right message and offer based on where they are in the buying cycle.

Account-Based Marketing Metrics

Report on accounts instead of leads.
Account Reporting

Account Reporting

Monitor and optimize account-based advertising campaign results

See reach, impressions, clicks, and media spend by account to report on advertising’s influence on target accounts. Creative reports show best performing ad creative and results of A/B tests. Filter by date, export, and push into your CRM.


Account Engagement

Account Engagement

Track account engagement and share actionable insights with sales

Help sales reps prioritize their outreach via weekly emails by showing which accounts are engaging the most with display ads. Ad click data from Terminus, LinkedIn and Facebook can be pushed into Salesforce as an account activity on a weekly basis for additional insight.

Account Progression

Account Progression

Show marketing's impact on generating pipeline and winning revenue

Track your target accounts’ progress down the marketing and sales funnel. Easily report on accounts influenced by Terminus advertising that become sales opportunities and won revenue.


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