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    Marketo ABM Platform

    It's now possible to focus on the accounts that really matter at scale.

Marketo ABM Consulting

Marketo ABM (Account-Based Marketing) is an application on Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform that makes it easy for marketing teams to align with sales and focus their efforts on the accounts that matter. If you are new to Account-Based Markeing, ABM focuses resources on the accounts most likely to generate revenue. Rather than generate leads broadly, you determine the right set of key accounts and then build demand and relationships within those organizations. Scaling ABM efforts can be a challenge if you are stiching various point solutions. Marketo's new ABM platform changes the game by combining all the essential capabilities into a single platform which offers a faster time to value and a stronger ROI. Schedule a call with Ignitium to learn how we can implement a successful ABM gameplan and provide ongoing ABM consulting.

Marketo ABM provides the 3 essential capabilities for success


The Right Accounts & People

Sales and marketing teams can together create account lists, discover new accounts, and manage the people within them to keep their efforts focused and aligned.


Key Accounts Across Channels

Deep cross-channel capabilities make it easy to engage accounts and key decision-makers with personalized campaigns across email, web, ads, events, social, mobile, and more.


Pipeline & Revenue Impact

Powerful, real-time analytics help teams measure and optimize the impact of ABM efforts on account engagement, pipeline, and revenue.

Why Marketo ABM?

No other solution offers the three critical capabilities for ABM success natively within a proven marketing automation platform. This provides unique benefits:

  1. Saves time by providing one central location for managing account lists, orchestrating cross-channel campaigns, and measuring impact across the customer journey
  2. Unifies ABM and lead management in one place, making it easy for marketers to execute personalized campaigns for both accounts and leads in a single motion
  3. Provides a powerful ABM “hub” along with a complete ecosystem of partners to extend capabilities

What can Marketo ABM do for my business?

Revenue Acceleration

Revenue Acceleration

Focus sales and marketing efforts on the accounts that are most likely to generate revenue. Deliver content tailored to each buying stage in order to educate buyers and move them more quickly through the customer journey, resulting in larger deals that close faster.

Stronger Marketing ROI

Stronger Marketing ROI

Just as important as focus is what your sales and marketing teams don’t waste their time on. Marketo ABM’s powerful account targeting and analytics capabilities maximize the return on your marketing investments by ensuring that your team isn’t spending valuable time on accounts that aren’t a good fit for your product or service.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Marketing teams can work collaboratively with sales to target the accounts most likely to generate revenue. Marketo’s proven cross-channel capabilities make it easy to engage the right people from these accounts, deepening existing relationships and developing new ones. Real-time, actionable intelligence enables sales teams to respond to meaningful account activities the moment they happen.

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